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Why Buy At Shows

Most people never realized just how affordable owning a boat really is. For instance, the average boat payment ranges between $8 and $10 dollars per $1,000. That means a $20,000 boat loan would normally cost less than $200 per month! No matter how you try…you'll never take a family vacation for a week in Orlando for as little as $2,400 much less bring along your friends and relatives. Well with the boating lifestyle, you not only can enjoy your family and friends for a week…but an entire boating season. Now let's look at the advantages of buying at a boat show. Statistics show that 70% of all boats sold in the nation either consummate or at least begin at Boat Shows. It's a great time to look but even a better time to buy! There are many reasons why, but here are some of the major ones:

  • Seasons Best Pricing Due To:
    • Manufacturer "Show Only" Incentives
    • "Show Only" Financing Rates
    • Dealer's "Show Only" Promotional Pricing
    • Best chance for prior year model carry over deals
  • Aggressive Trade In Values (Bring Titles and Pictures!)
  • Best selection of dealer inventory as well as still having time to custom order your boat…your way and have it for the start of the season.
  • Your best chance as a customer to shop and compare brands "side by side".
  • Multiple dealers in competition to sell as much product as they can to secure you as a customer…no matter what it takes!

Remember…you're not out of luck if you wait until summer, but why not take advantage of best pricing, selection, and financing with a Rochester Boat Show purchase or even a deposit!

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